Pello Safaris’ Covid-19 Response

COVID-19 Update: Important Measures

At Pello Safaris, we prioritize the well-being of our clients. In line with global practices, we closely monitor COVID-19 updates. Exciting news! Tanzania has reopened international flights and eliminated the 14-day quarantine requirement. While no mandatory quarantine is enforced, the country has implemented essential preventive measures upon arrival. Rest assured, your safety is our utmost concern. Join us for an incredible journey, knowing that health and security are paramount.

Ensuring Enhanced Safety Protocols

Your safety matters most at Pello Safaris. We prioritize health with temperature checks, mandatory masks, and stringent protocols for transport and accommodations. Our hotels and lodges prioritize cleanliness, handwashing, and thorough sanitization. As a caring tour operator, we’re committed to your well-being on the journey. Relax and enjoy an unforgettable, secure experience. Trust Pello Safaris, your safety-conscious partner. We care about you at all times. Stay safe with Pello Safaris.

Safety First, Responsible Exploration

At Pello Safaris, health and safety are our top priorities. Amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, we are committed to taking consistent, careful, and deliberate measures to create a safer touring environment. We urge every guide and traveler to act responsibly, safeguarding their own health, their companions’, and the communities they encounter. Together, let’s prioritize well-being as we explore, work, and travel, ensuring a responsible and enjoyable experience for all.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines: Essential Practices

Essential Guides

Our safari guides play a vital role in COVID-19 prevention. We prioritize regular training to keep them updated on customer service standards and ensure the highest safety measures are followed. They are fluent in English and can communicate in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. With their assistance, clients gain knowledge about African wildlife while experiencing African hospitality safely

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